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Bring your stories to life by working with a team of industry experts, elevating the vision for the future of cinema through cutting-edge VFX.


Introducing an industry leading studio, built on the teamwork of diverse, creative minds with the shared goal of bringing inspiration to life

Lightrunner Studio is here to change the VFX industry, harnessing global talent to execute a vision in the wake of cutting-edge technology. We use our wide pool of industry leaders to deliver results that connect you to your creation.


Telling a story, powered by collaboration

We offer a full service across all of the global markets for VFX. Providing you with access to a talented team of experts, hand crafting each stage of development.


Bring your vision to life with rich biomes that can transport you to deep dark forests or rolling tundra, environments that let you live and breathe your creation.


See magnificent creatures come to life, powered by gripping AI technology, designed by leading VFX artists who’ve worked on animating some of the most enthralling designs in the industry.


Elevate any environment through awe-inspiring effects that can change the atmosphere of a moment and leave you with a lifetime of inspiration.


Bringing a film shot to life and transposing it into emotion is a vital part of building a storyline that grips and compels an audience - by creating emotion driving comps we build defining scenes that sustain and drive the narrative of your storyline.



To be able to deliver leading visual effects, it is important to harness the power of a unified group led by talent renowned the world over. By utilising a team with years of experience in different parts of the VFX industries – we guarantee a holistic development of ideas, strategy and innovation that builds into a crescendo of inspiration leveraged by global expertise.


CG Team


Comp Team


2D Team

Eyes On The Future

We aim to build a sustainable future pipeline in tandem with our growing team. Powered by some of the best in house tools the industry has to offer. Through automation and innovation we allow our artists to focus their energy into creativity.



We want to build a diverse and dynamic global team. If you want to be part of an environment that will allow you to unleash your creativity and have your voice heard, we’d love to open up a conversation with you. We are driven by what makes us unique, our ideas – every individual is wholly driven by a pathway akin to them and them alone, we want to hear your story and have it be told through the work we do, influencing the inspiration we draw.


Sr Unreal Technical artist


Full Time



At Lightrunner Studio, we are driven by our peers and motivated by their stories, in pursuit of designing inspiration, and building excellence

Talented Individuals


We boast a composition of team members who’s industry knowledge spans across all borders of expertise. From pipeline development to modelling, we are building a team that can deliver in every sense. By crafting a functioning team unit we aim to add depth to our quiver of expertise, introducing new skills and inspiration as we continue on our journey of growth.


17 years experience working at MPC on award winning projects such as The Jungle Book and Lion King.

Christina Graham

Managing Director – Europe

30+ years experience across 85 Feature Films and 100 Series include Ambulance, The Hangover (Pt. 2 & 3), Sneaky Pete, The Last Man on Earth, Unbreakable, and more. He has held several key positions in reputed companies including Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, Paramount/CBS, Cinesite, and FuseFX.

Dan Levitan

Executive VFX Supervisor

20 years experience in VFX focused on creature and environment work for DNEG, MPC and ILM.

Valter Sagrillo

Head of CG

GLOBAL Leadership

17 years experience in VFX, having worked on 100+ films and 1000+ commercials on various levels.

Balakrishnan Rajarathinam

CEO & Managing Director

15 years experience in operations and strategy, and over 10+ years experience in VFX.

Yogalakshmi Balakrishnan

Director & Chief Business Strategy Officer

18 years experience in Pipeline, including DNEG and ReDefine, and projects such as Hellboy 2, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Matrix Resurrections

Jamie Briens

Director of Digital Transformation


delivering outstanding results

Gangs of London

TV Drama

Superman and Lois

TV Drama

Superman and Lois

TV Drama

Swan Song

Feature Film


April 2023

Welcome to the new Lightrunner Studio website, a bastion for creative innovation

We are thrilled to share the launch of Lightrunner Studio along with our new website to the world. It has been a long journey to get to where we are today, yet the journey has only begun. We are building an extensive network of professionals with leading expertise across a multitude of disciplines in VFX. This website has been designed to work as a bastion for our case studies and continued progress as we grow our proposition and embark on our journey to new horizons. By providing a snapshot of the hard work we are creating and the minds behind it, we aim to inspire and showcase to the world what Lightrunner Studios can achieve and how we can work with you to achieve your goals and bring your creativity to life.

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